Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much is the hair cut service? Does Babywise provide in house service?

The hair-cutting service is free with a minimum purchase of RM298 worth of baby hair souvenirs. We can visit your home according to the baby’s timing. We suggest you give us a call 2 weeks before the selected date.

Q2: Does Babywise provide outstation service?

We do provide outstation service. We suggest you to make a booking with us 1 month in advance before the selected date.

Q3: What kind of equipment do you use? Is it safe?

Since 2009, we consistently using a baby hair shaver to shave the bay’s hair. We are well trained of its function and certainly is quiet and has minimal vibration. We clean and sanitize it before we start the hair shaving ceremony. 


Q4: How long does it take for the baby hair brush to be ready?

As all the progress is hand-made, it usually takes 2 months from the day we received all necessary  information such as baby hair, name and wishes.

Q5: Can l engrave information on the brush?

Yes, we suggest engraving the baby’s name, date of birth and wishes from parents.

Q6: What happen if my baby doesn’t have enough hair?

We suggest using parents’ hair as the core, while the outer portion remains with the baby’s hair.

Q7: Does baby hair brush has any significant meaning?

Chinese used to believe that baby hair contains positive (Yang) energy, which brings luck to the baby and helps the child in their study.

Q8: Can I use the baby hair brush to write as regular brush?

Certainly. In fact, baby’s hair brush is considered the highest quality the calligraphy brush category.

Q9: How does baby hair brush come about?

Baby hair brush started during the Tang dynasty. A poor scholar intended to go for national examination, but didn’t have proper brush to do so. He then found a brush that was made from his son’s foetal hair and he felt the “magic” during the exam. He scored well in the exam and became a very important officer.

Q10: What are the payment options?

We accept cash, credit card or online transfer.

Q11: When is the ideal age to make the 3D hand/foot print?

There is no ideal age in making the 3D print. We captured the youngest cast as young as 2 hours new born and had experience with 94 years old Great Grandma. Every stage of our life is a gift and it gives us different meaning and feeling. For example, from new born to full moon, graduation, wedding and old age represents the unique milestone and chapter of our life-long journey.

For young baby, the smaller their print, the cuter it is. Therefore, don’t wait too long as we cannot turn back the clock, so as the size.

Q12: Is the mould capturing process safe?

Certainly yes. Babywise uses only the highest quality material which imported from France. Based on our self-experiment and R&D, the raw material does not create any burning sensation or cause any irritation to the skin.

We insist NOT to use any material that is produce by developing country or with discounted quality. This is to safeguard your baby’s sensitive skin and also the final outcome. Therefore, our pricing may be slightly higher compare to others.

Q13: During the process, how do l feel?

The process only takes between 1 to 3 minute for adult. You are required to soak your hand or foot into a room temperature porridge-like watery base. As the base will slowly harden to become rubbery form.

However, some babies may cry, this is due the mould capturing process is not a daily routine and a is a new experience. Therefore, we suggest the mould capturing time to be when baby is asleep or during feeding time.

Q14: Do you capture adult’s mould as well?

Yes, we do. We have done for siblings, newly married couple, whole family members and even grandparents.

Q15: Can you guarantee the result?

During the mould capturing process, we usually can tell whether it is a good mould or a non-satisfactory mould. If we are not satisfying with the result, we will recapture the mould at NO cost.

But do note that the whole process from beginning till end, is 100% hand make. We will do our best to perfect it.

Q16: How long does the appointment take?

Each mould capturing process takes between 20 seconds (baby) to 3 minutes only (adult). Please allocate 45 minutes for us to complete the appointment as we need to carefully write down all the information as each final product is customize base on your needs.