Maybe you’ve heard about Babywise and its specialised products and services for commemorating newborn babies, but you’re not exactly sure how or what to get.

Babywise International was established in 2009. In this short nine years, we have developed multiple new products, from traditional hairbrushes to 3D hand-foot sculptures. Our wide range of products and services leads us to be the most sought out company in baby souvenirs

If your baby is a new born, you can preserve and keep your baby’s hair and umbilical cord, and use them to create a commemorative gift, such as baby’s hairbrush, baby’s hair stamp and umbilical cord stamp.

You can also make a 3D hand-foot sculpture for your baby, to record the transformation of their little hands and feet. If you would like to customize the various types of items, you can choose from the package designs we provide, and compile these items into the frame, keeping it nicely preserved.

We extend a warm welcome to you, to visit our headquarters or branch, to discover the many customized products we provide. Get your meaningful souvenir for your baby and children today!

For any order or for more information, please contact: +6019-350 0300.