Why we need to keep baby’s umbilical cord? To the older generation, the umbilical cord carries the meaning of wealth, bringing prosperity and money for the baby. The umbilical cord also serves as the first connection between mothers and their babies. It is a souvenir taken from a baby’s birth, which makes it a much more precious gift!

Keeping a baby’s umbilical cord has become a tradition in the Chinese culture. In the olden days, instead of tossing away the umbilical cord, mothers save it by cleaning it and putting it in Chinese red packets or a small box so they can hang on to it longer. But eventually the umbilical cord gets mildewed and thrown away.

As time went by and technology improved, more and more mothers are concerned about better ways to keep the umbilical cord. Some mothers have tried framing it, burying it, taping it and sealing in a scrapbook. Some even tried bath powder to dry it out. Still, mothers somehow wind up getting it tossed out due to fungus and other environmental factors.

Though, one mother tried turning it into a custom made umbilical cord stamp which helped her keep it till this very day.

Babywise is a professional in the creation of baby souvenirs. We transform umbilical cord and even baby’s hair into beautiful souvenirs. Therefore, parents can keep this precious gift forever, and leave their baby with a deeply meaningful and happy memory.

The products we make carry lots of wishes and expectations, include baby’s hairbrush, umbilical cord stamp, 3D hand-foot print, and breast milk pendant.

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