A new child is born and you don’t know what to buy as a gift for the newborn baby?

Kids will grow up; what is the best way to record and commemorate their growing years?

How are we going to keep the memories of their transformation well preserved as long as it can?

These are the common questions our clients asks us. Do not fret! Babywise may have the solution to your problem.

There are many baby items to be treasured. Each of the Babywise products we make is well-crafted with memorabilia ideas and many good wishes. The products we provide include baby’s hairbrush, umbilical cord stamp, hand-foot sculpture, and breast milk pendant.

These items are not only for babies. You may also customize the items for your grown-up child as well. Your family can also make 3D hand sculptures together, and compile it into frame, keeping another beautiful memory.

Besides that, breast milk can also be preserved in customized commemorative vessels. Breast milk that is filled with a mother’s love, can be stored in a beautiful breast milk pendant as a reminder of a mother’s greatness. Breast milk can also be fused with our materials to create special 3D hand-foot sculptures.

We extend a warm welcome to you, to visit our headquarters or branch, to discover the many customized products we provide. Get your meaningful souvenir for your baby and children today!

For any order or for more information, please contact: +6019-350 0300.